Continental Tires

Naturally Confident

Project Overview

Naturally Confident” tells three compelling stories of automotive enthusiasm, local culture, great cars, and the Continental tires that allow folks to drive confidently. The series focuses on wildly different environments — from the snowy Midwest to the high desert — with challenging driving surfaces that require the design and engineering of a specialized Continental tire. Each episode introduces engaging documentary subjects and allows viewers to fall in love with their cars, racetracks, and hometowns as they do.


Our Approach

MotorTrend Group approached us as a trusted production partner to help bring the concept to life.

We scoured the country and ran PPC online promotions to cast real human beings who were doing awesome things with their automotive passions.

From there, we assembled a production team and went to work on telling these stories in the most engaging and authentic way possible.



Client: Continental Tires

Agency: MotorTrend Group

Production Company: Wondertree Media

Producer: CJ Thomas

Director: CJ Thomas

Writer: Ben Keeshin

Director of Photography: Steven Salcido

Camera: Austin Atencio

Audio Tech: Shane Aguon

Production Assistant: Jessica Sanchez

Editor: CJ Thomas

Episode 1 – Sledding uphill

Episode 2 – Journey to the photo

Episode 3 – DESERT SPEED