Project Overview

Our partnership with MotorTrend group resulted in a series of engaging videos that serve as companion pieces to editorial articles. The videos shed light on the importance of choosing the right tire for electric vehicles, with a focus on performance, efficiency, and ride comfort. We achieved this by featuring expert discussions, real-life testing, and even recruited the talents of an amateur drift racer to put the tires to the test.

The videos offer a comprehensive look at how different types of tires impact the performance of electric vehicles. We explore the pros and cons of various tire models and showcase how they impact acceleration, handling, and range. Through our approachable, informative, and entertaining videos, we aimed to provide viewers with a greater understanding of the important role that tires play in maximizing the performance of electric vehicles.


Our Approach

MotorTrend Group approached us as a trusted production partner to help bring the concept to life.

We cast the best possible hosts for each video concept as well as scouted locations that would not only be visually appealing but also put the tires to the test. This involved extensive permitting and road closures within Los Angeles and Ventura County. 

We then assembled a full production team including a camera car with a Black Arm to help capture the most engaging visuals possible. 



Client: Michelin

Agency: MotorTrend Group

Production Company: Wondertree Media

Producer: CJ Thomas

Director: CJ Thomas

Group Creative Director: Brent Baer

Executive Producers: Scott Moon & Mike Ruiz

Creative Director: Kale Eickhof

Director of Photography: Steven Salcido

Camera: Austin Atencio

G& E Team: Dave Wilwayco, Sam Lloyd

Audio Tech: Shane Aguon

Camera Car Crew: Mahdad Emadipour, Hoda Shahbazi, Jeff White

Production Assistant: Jessica Sanchez

Editor: CJ Thomas

Colorist: Steven Salcido

Sound Mix: Justin Wright