Video + Photo

Client: Yacht Club SUP


Branding and Awareness

Lifelong surf shaper, Chris Ruddy, approached us to create the visual branding and marketing elements for his new brand and product he was launching called Yacht Club. He sought to differentiate his brand and create assets that would resonate with his target market as well as share the story behind Yacht Club. 



After hearing the story of how Chris decided to launch Yacht Club and everything that led up to it, we knew we had to create a documentary style brand film focused on the bigger story behind Yacht Club. 

The target audience for Yacht Club was the families and affluent “yacht clubbers” that were not currently being served by existing brands. We knew that with this in mind, we had to create a variety of high-quality content that would appeal to this audience. 

We ended up creating:

  • Story driven brand video
  • Product Video and Instructional Video
  • (3) Social Media Ad Videos
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Studio Product Photography 


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