Brand Story Video

Client: Urban Solace



Urban Solace is one of the top restaurants in San Diego. They have amazing tasting food, but what’s unique is that they focus on sustainability and knowing where every ingredient originates from the ketchup to the bar sodas. So they wanted a video that would emphasize that will still keeping the focus on the taste of the food. 



We could have simply created a video focusing on where they source their ingredients, but after learning more about head chef and owner, Matt Gordon, we discovered a much more compelling story that explained the decision behind using locally sourced ingredients. 

As a result, we decided to tell the story of how his daughter’s birth and health complications led to deciding to use only natural ingredients at home and his realization that a restaurant should be treated no different. 




As soon as the video was shared on social media, it received more than 50 organic shares locally. 

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