Surgeon Testimonial Video

Client: SPIWay 


Sales and Marketing, Credibility

SPIWay is a San Diego based medical device startup. They reached out to us because they wanted a video that would help them build credibility among their target audience (neurosurgeons) and demonstrate the value as well as benefits of using their game-changing device. 



We spent a good amount of time working with SPIWay on getting to know the audience and what motivates them to take action. We also worked with them to determine what’s most important to the neurosurgeons that could use this device. 

Ultimately, we concluded that the best approach for this piece would be to interview Dr. Snyderman and Dr. Gardner. Together they have built strong credibility in the area of endoscopic cranial skull base surgery. They are two of the top neurosurgeons and ENT’s in the country. 

We wanted to discuss with them what their personal experience with the device has been as well as any possible hesitations or concerns that they had. After all, neurosurgeons work very hard to ensure that their processes are flawless, so understandably they are hesitant to introduce any new devices. 



SPIWay has been successfully using the video not only in their sales and marketing but also discovered that the video is valuable in bringing their team and board members closer together by showing the real impact that the device is having. 

In a recent conversation with SPIWay’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, she told us that the video has really helped them clarify their message and “we feel like the video has made us a real company”. 

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