Client Stories + Brand Video

Client: Simplexity


Nurture and Convert

The team at Simplexity came to us wanting to create some video content that would help them demonstrate their unique value to prospective clients. 



Simplexity is special in that they are an accounting firm specifically aimed at serving venture-backed companies. They are uniquely qualified to do this because the founding team is made up of four successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. 

This means that they take a unique approach where they don’t simply provide statements that look back, they actually play a proactive role in monitoring critical forecasting numbers for startups such as burn rate and runway. 

In order to demonstrate the unique approach as well as the value (or arguably necessity) of hiring experts to handle the books and HR compliance, we decided to make a brand video that would educate the viewer and introduce the unique approach, as well as testimonial videos of how Simpleixy has helped real startups. 


Simplexity has been successfully utilizing these videos throughout their sales process to help boost sales. Here is their feedback:

The videos have been very helpful with our sales process. By adding video we have been able to tell our story in an authentic way. An unexpected benefit was realized when one of our value-add partner companies told us that they use our videos in their sales process to highlight the quality of the partners they work with.

We know the videos have helped our sales process because our clients have told us they have. Many companies will share logos on their website but with video testimonials, our clients are able to see and hear their startup peers share their experiences of working with our company. 

We have seen average engagement time on pages increase by over a minute on the pages we use video.



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