San Diego – “Why Now”

Documentary Short Film


Bring Awareness to San Diego Ecosystem

We partnered with San Diego Venture Group to produce a short film documentary with the purpose of bringing more awareness, talent, and capital to the San Diego region. 



The film tells the stories of two San Diego based startup companies, Cloudbeds and Epic Sciences. Sharing their journey from “napkin stage” to raising large amounts of capital, the founders talk about the challenges of building a game-changing company and how being rooted in San Diego helped position them for success. 

The film also includes the perspectives of Phil Dur and Matt Melymuka, co-founders of PeakSpan Capital. A thriving venture capital fund based in San Fransisco and New York that frequently backs San Diego companies. 

Watch the film to learn what makes San Diego such a great ecosystem for startups, talent, and investors. 



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