Growing Together To Advance Medicine

Client: ISPE San Diego


Communicate Brand Purpose

The San Diego chapter of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) reached out to us about creating a video that would appeal to potential members and inspire them to want to get involved with the organization.



As part of our brand discovery process, we learned that ISPE not only provides an educational experience for its members but also embodies a strong culture of collaboration, fun, and a shared passion for the advancement of medicine. 

Ultimately, we decided to focus the video around the story of a long time member, Eddie Luchs, and how ISPE helped him grow into a management level position at one of the most well-known biotech companies in the world, Illumina. 

Supporting the story, we featured additional members as well as the current chapter president with a focus on how ISPE brings people together, provides support, and furthers the advancement of medicine. 


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