Grateful Patient

Client: Memorial Care Hospital Long Beach



Memorial Care in Long Beach contacted us to help create an emotionally impactful video that would be played at an upcoming event put on for those that donate to the hospital. The primary goal was to express gratitude as well as demonstrate how the funds are impacting lives.



We’ve worked with Memorial Care on a number of projects and always enjoy having the privilege¬†of documenting such powerful stories. For this particular goal, we knew we wanted to keep the focus on the patients and their quality of life.

As a result, we decided to have a very simple production setup on a white background to allow the power of the patient’s testimonies to stand strong on their own.

Ultimately, we featured 5 patients from various departments within the hospital and rather than telling every detail of their story, we kept the focus on what was relatable to the audience: the shock of unexpected medical challenges. From there, we had the patients discuss how their lives are better now as a result of the hospitals’ care.


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