Case Study

Client: Riverside District Attorney


Community Awareness

The Riverside District Attorney’s Office set out to bring attention to a growing problem within the community where people were getting seriously injured while attempting to make Butane Honey Oil (BHO) at home. 

BHO is a form of cannabis made by extracting an oil/wax-like substance. It’s often produced illegally at home by using butane to extract the oil. This proves to be rather dangerous as the butane builds up in the room and can easily be sparked to cause an explosion. 



This project was a collaboration with our friend Steven Salcido who is a brilliant documentary film director. 

We produced a three-part video series that documented the story of a young couple that suffered serious burns on their body after a dramatic explosion occurred while making BHO in a rented hotel room.  

To ensure that the videos would be seen by the community and especially those that are most likely to attempt this illegal process we decided to promote the video using online targeted advertising via Facebook Ads and YouTube pre-roll ads. 

We targeted specific audiences using the following specifications:

– Parents of teenagers living in Riverside County

– Teenagers/young adults in Riverside County

– Those searching YouTube for BHO related keywords and terms like (How to Produce BHO)


Directed/Produced By Steven Salcido


The campaign was huge in spreading awareness in the community as well as strengthening the relationship between the DA’s office and the residents. It generated a good amount of engagement and reach on social media. The videos also won the Capio ‘Epic’ award for long-form video content in community awareness. 




On Facebook


Hyper-Targeted Views on YouTube Pre-Roll Ads Using Related Keywords


People Reached on Facebook

25% View Rate

1 in 4 People Did Not Click “Skip” in the First 30 Seconds on the Video

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