Brand Promo Film

Client: Allstate Security Services


Branding + Drive Increased Sales

Allstate Security Services contacted us as they were working on re-branding. They wanted to create a video that would differentiate the brand from competitors as well as speak directly to their target audience to drive additional sales. 



The challenge with creating this video was taking a list of sales points that were important for Allstate to communicate to the target audience and building that into a narrative style video that didn’t feel too “salesy” or corporate. 

During our discovery and story build process, we gained extreme clarity around the target audience and their desires/challenges. In this case, we were speaking directly to security managers who ultimately make the choice to hire the security company. 

We landed on a narrative that follows a security manager through the process of choosing a security company. This is combined with flash backs and cut aways to emphasize the importance of security and what’s on the line. 

The result is a powerful film that differentiates the Allstate brand in a way that no others in the industry have. 


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