Medical Device Patient Stories

Client: ActiveMed


Raising Capital

We were approached because the client was going out for their second round of raising capital. Having been through the process of raising capital before, they knew how challenging it can be, so they reached out to us to see if it would make sense to implement video. 



Since these videos were actually going to be used in pitches to venture funds, we knew that they had to be impactful and to the point. 

We had to show that the device actually worked as promised so we decided to document the patients as they underwent treatments. This allowed us to get real accounts of their pain levels both before and after the treatment as well as show the device in use. 

Finally, we knew that the best way to bring everything together and really drive the message home would be to include the personal stories of the patients and how the device is positively impacting their lives. 



In a recent conversation with the CEO, he explained to us that when they would first approach VC’s, they would show every chart, graph, and statistic still only to be met with skepticism.

Now, when they show these 1-2 minute videos, the investors are much more convinced that the technology works and also understand how it works. In turn, the investors are much more receptive to the idea and excited to get on board.  

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